Fix Outlook Inbox

Fix MS Outlook Inbox

  • Advanced tool to fix Outlook mailbox and recover lost emails
  • Capable of repairing inbox on Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010 safely
  • Best software to fix Outlook inbox when the inbox repair tool or scanpst.exe fails
  • Renowned repair tool to fix corrupt mailbox from different Outlook express versions

How to Fix Outlook Inbox Issues?

Most business enterprises prefer Microsoft Outlook over any other email client as it has got many enhanced features. You can conveniently send or receive mails using MS Outlook. It is a popular email client that contains many attributes such as emails, contacts, notes, tasks, journals etc. Outlook stores all the received mails in the inbox folder. Sometimes what happens is that this folder gets corrupt and all the emails residing in it becomes inaccessible. If you are a regular Outlook user then you might have encountered an error message stating that "Errors have been detected in the file 'file path'. Quit all mail-enabled applications, and then use the Inbox Repair Tool."

This is a regular Outlook error message that you will come across whenever the inbox folder in your Microsoft Outlook gets damaged. An Outlook user will experience this situation at least once in his lifetime. You may get frustrated that you lost all your essential mails because of inbox corruption. It is not an impossible job to make your Outlook inbox folder free from corruption and in fact it is much easier. It is definitely possible to fix Outlook inbox and recover lost emails from it. With the help of fix Outlook inbox utility you can repair corrupt Outlook mailbox and get back or access the lost emails. To repair Outlook 2007 inbox and recover emails from it you can surely make use of fix Outlook inbox software.

Wondering what are those factors which corrupt your Outlook mailbox?

When your email client inbox folder becomes inaccessible it indicates that the personal storage file or PST file is corrupt. Microsoft Outlook supports PST file format and it uses this file to store all the attributes of Outlook. When this file gets damaged you lose access to all your vital emails, contacts, journals etc. There are several harmful factors that lead to PST file corruption. Power surges, abrupt exit from Outlook, improper system shutdown and many such factors can be held responsible for corrupting personal storage file. Many times due to ignorance or lack of knowledge you may shutdown your personal computer or laptop in an improper way. If you do so while your Outlook file is open then the file may get corrupt and you will not be able to access your important mails. Abruptly closing the Outlook will also lead to a damaged PST file. PST file header corruption is also one of the major reasons for file corruption. When your Outlook inbox repair tool fails to fix PST file damaged due to the reasons mentioned above then you can use fix Outlook inbox to easily repair broken PST files and restore emails from corrupt inbox folder.

What must be done to prevent PST file corruption?

PST file gets corrupt due to malware attack. A dangerous malware or any other virus is capable of corrupting a .pst file severely. It is a must to install and run powerful antivirus software regularly or else the chances of losing emails due to Outlook file corruption are high. A larger PST file gets damaged early. As the size of a PST file keeps on increasing Outlook requires more and more resources to complete the tasks and hence it becomes slow and error prone. This condition can be prevented by using weight diet add in for Outlook. By deleting the unwanted mails you can reduce the size of a PST file and thus you can prevent the damage. Due to ignorance if you fail to follow these measures and experience loss of emails due to Outlook 2010 PST corruption then fix Outlook inbox can help you to perform Outlook 2010 inbox repair quickly.

Advanced features of fix Outlook inbox:

  • Repairs Outlook inbox and retrieves lost emails from all Outlook versions
  • Safely repairs inbox by fixing severely broken PST files that are damaged due to virus attack
  • Ability to fix Outlook express inbox damaged due to DBX file corruption
  • Read only application which will never damaged the original file while repair and recovery

Recent Updates:

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Steps to fix Outlook inbox:

Fix corrupt Outlook inbox by repairing the damaged PST file using the steps given below

Step1: Install fix Outlook inbox and launch it in your computer. Click on "Find PST File", "Open PST File" or "Select Outlook Profile" based on your requirement soon after launching the utility. Select the PST file and click on "Next" button.

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: Select "Smart Scan" or "Normal scan" option depending on the severity of PST file corruption. After selecting any one of these two click on "Repair" button to start the process of repairing.

Outlook Inbox Fixer - Select the Mode of Scanning

Fig 2: Select the Mode of Scanning

Step3: Once the repair process gets over select a destination location to store the new PST file in it. Preview the recovered data and then purchase the tool if you are satisfied with its performance.

Outlook Inbox Repair Software - Select the Destination Location

Fig 3: Select the Destination Location

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