How to Clear Outlook Cache in Windows 7

How to Clean Outlook Cache in Windows 7 Easily?

Overtime, continuous use of Microsoft Outlook can result the program and the user folders to become congested. The performance of the program gets slow down and you will notice the search features becomes almost unusable. And simple search processes such as sending and receiving mails will hang and freeze the Outlook window. So, the most appropriate way to increase the speed and improve performance of Outlook is to clean up the cache, or the history of the user files and folders. When such problem occurs, you will be not able to use the auto complete features while composing emails. Are you in search of a reliable tool to clear Outlook cache in Windows 7? In that case, simply make use of Fix Outlook Inbox software to repair corrupted Outlook cache and clear Outlook cache in Windows 7 within few clicks.

Further, one can make use of the auto complete function in Microsoft Outlook uses cache for various email addresses on the user account. It stores the data such as name, calendar items, etc and lists are created automatically while using the application. All files get stored as hidden messages in the mailbox. The option for resetting the cache arises when you are experiencing any corruptions issues with the cache. In such case, you need to reset the auto complete cache upon the application. For that purpose open the MS Outlook application and choose the file option from the top menu. Then, select the options from the drop down list and choose mail tab from the options window. Under the send messages and near to the “Use Auto Complete List” to suggest names when typing To, Cc, Bcc lines check box and you can find the button to clear the auto complete list. Now, click on the option and confirm the action by selecting ‘Yes’ option in the prompt window. So, the auto complete cache is cleared and thus reset again start storing the data when the user runs the application.

But, unfortunately due to certain reasons like increased usage and others you might not be unable to follow the above mentioned steps. In that case, employ this software to fix damaged Outlook cache and let you regain access to auto complete features by removing the stored cache in the mailbox on Microsoft Exchange Server. As you can repopulate the auto complete cache with the addresses in the application, you would not have to worry while clearing the cache. One can make use of this result oriented approach to clean up Windows 7 Outlook cache on latest versions of Microsoft Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, etc. Moreover, apart from Windows 7 you can utilize this user friendly tool to fix Outlook cache and easily clear Outlook cache in other versions of Windows 8, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc with utmost ease.

Steps to Clear Outlook Cache in Windows 7:

Step1: Download and install this Remo MORE application in your computer. Then run this software to select "Optimize Option" from opening screen and choose "One Click Clean" from fig 1.

How to Clear Outlook Cache in Windows 7 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: In this step, you have to select required files that you want to delete and trhen click on "Scan" button.

How to Clear Outlook Cache in Windows 7 - Select Appropriate Option

Fig 2: Select Appropriate Option

Step3: After completion of scanning proces, you will get a summary of cleaned information from your Outlook temporary folder.

How to Clear Outlook Cache in Windows 7 - Cleaning Summary

Fig 3: Cleaning Summary

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