Repair Outlook Inbox.dbx

Fix Outlook Express Inbox.dbx

If you are managing your email account with Microsoft Outlook Express, definitely it will be a great experience for you in emailing. There is a Inbox.dbx file for each mailbox in which are incoming mails get stored. However, email loss is mostly attributed to Inbox.dbx corruption. There can be various factors behind corruption to DBX file after that emails contained within this file get inaccessible to user. However, when Inbox.dbx is corrupted, there are different ways to repair Outlook Inbox.dbx such as use of compacting utility, email transfer from corrupted a folder to a working folder etc. However, sometimes these techniques are not effective in resolving DBX file corruption issues. At this situation, you need a professional utility to restore Inbox.dbx after it is severely corrupted due to any reason.

What are the reasons for Inbox.dbx file corruption?

After being trapped in such drastic situation, a common question that strikes in everyone’s mind is definitely about factors for DBX file corruption. Here, you can find a list of DBX file corruption scenarios, which are very frequent while managing emails on Outlook Express.

  • Damaged File Header- A header of file is just like a signature that tells OS or other application about content that is contained in the file. If the header of Inbox.dbx file gets corrupt, OS fails to read this Inbox.dbx file, hence it results in loss of emails. Even, if are using recent version of Outlook, you can face this issue oftenly. To repair Outlook 2010 data file with ease, visit this link:
  • Exceeded Size of DBX- Inbox.dbx file may also be damaged when it reach to its maximum size limit. Basically, each DBX file has a limited capacity to store data that is 2GB. After a certain time, size of emails in Inbox.dbx file is exceeded than its default size limit after you may encounter error message followed with some code like 0x800c0133/0x800C0131.
  • Outlook Express Crash- Inbox.dbx file can also be damaged or corrupted if the Outlook Express application is malfunctioning or it is crashed. Such unexpected behavior of Outlook Express comes into existence due to missing system files, corruption in Windows registry and other logical issues. Similar kind of corruption can happen on PST file of MS Outlook. If you have same situation then simly make use of given link:

Along with these reasons, you need to repair Outlook Inbox.dbx after error in CRC, corruption to storage drive, OS malfunction, improper termination of Outlook, abrupt power surge and many others. Whatever is the reason for this calamity, result in always about loss of significant information. Therefore, to avoid loss of email messages, you must try to repair mailbox with a repair tool. With the aid of an effective tool, you can easily prevent loss of valuable emails after any corruption to Inbox.dbx file. To fix Outlook Express Inbox DBX file perfectly, you can refer this link

Fix Outlook Inbox is an omnipotent solution for Outlook users to repair Outlook Inbox.dbx on Outlook Express 4/5/5.5 and 6 versions. The best tool ever that is enabled with automated file repair mechanism to fix Inbox.dbx and other folders. It comes with easy to use interface on which you have to make only few clicks to repair Outlook Inbox.dbx and it will retrieve all lost and inaccessible emails from that file. To make use of this software in repairing Outlook 2007 Inbox, you can refer this link

Note: After a click on, you will know about Outlook.pst error and it's permanent solution.

Easy steps to fix Inbox.dbx:

Step1: Download and install fix Outlook Express Inbox application in your system. On the home window select Inbox.dbx file.

Repair Outlook Inbox.dbx - Main Window

Fig 1: Home Window

Step2: Right after selecting the Inbox.dbx file click on "Next" tab. Select the destination folder by clicking on "Next" option.

Fix Inbox.dbx - Select Identity

Fig 2: Select Identity

Step3: Select the destination location to save recovered emails after the scanning process is completed.

Fix Outlook Express Inbox.dbx - Save Option

Fig 3: Save Option

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