How to Fix Outlook 2010 Data File

Repair PST on Outlook 2010

At present, a large number of users make use of Microsoft Outlook to send and receive their personal as well as professional emails. This email management application provides some extra features to maintain contacts, tasks, notes, journal, calendar etc. Outlook 2010 is a recent version of Outlook that contains some brand new features to manage personal information. But, you may experience some strange behavior on your Outlook if the data file is corrupted. Outlook data file also known as PST file encloses entire information of your Outlook. If it is damaged because of any reason, you will not be able to access inbox mails or other Outlook data without repairing. Do not be frustrated if you don’t know how to fix Outlook 2010 data file easily. Just try this Fix Outlook Inbox software to resolve wide range of Outlook data file corruption issues.

When you are facing any difficulty to access your Outlook item, it is a clear sign of data file corruption. Outlook data file on 2010 can be corrupted because of several reasons. One of the most common reason of data file corruption is abrupt termination of Outlook. If you close MS Outlook 2010 abnormally before finalizing unsaved work, it may be damaged. If your computer suddenly reboot or is turned off when you are using Outlook, data file of it will be corrupted. Then, if you need to access your important emails, you have to fix Outlook 2010 data file using this Fix Outlook Inbox software.

Outlook data file may also be damaged due to interrupted network connection. When you are sharing your Outlook 2010 PST file on a remote server, if any error occur in network connection, PST file may get brutally damaged. Depending on the severity of corruption, Inbox Repair tool will not be able to fix it. In that case, Fix Outlook Inbox application will be more worthy to provide better result. Using this utility, one can fix various types of error regarding PST file that prevents you to access your Outlook mailbox. Use this link to fix PST errors in simple steps:

Besides that, Outlook 2010 data file may be corrupted due to infection of dangerous external threats. If you are download any attachment infected with severe viruses, it will corrupt the PST file. Excluding these reason you may come across with such corruption due to bad sector on the disk, improper upgradation of Outlook, improper recovery of deleted or lost data etc. Therefore, do not select any ordinary application, use this expert recommended software to repair Outlook 2007 PST or to fix Outlook 2010 data file or without failure or further damage.

If you do not understand the exact reason of your Outlook 2010 data file corruption, no need to worry. Fix Outlook Inbox utility is designed with some sophisticated algorithm to repair and recover every information from that PST file. You can also use this tool to fix damaged PST file on Outlook 2003, 2007 or any other version. It is easy to use and requires few steps to repair corrupted or damaged Outlook data file even if is password protected. Moreover, if you need to repair inbox in Outlook Express, this software will be similarly applicable. To know more about it, visit this link:

Steps to Fix Outlook 2010 Data File:

Step1: First download and install this Outlook repair application in your computer. Then launch it from desktop icon and select suitable option from main screen.

How to Fix Outlook 2010 Data File - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step2: Now, you have to choose the corrupted data file of Outlook 2010 using "Browse" option. You can also select scannig option between "Smart Scan"and "Normal Scan".

Outlook 2010 Inbox Repair Tool - Choose Scanning Mode

Fig 2: Choose Scanning Mode

Step3: After successful repair of Outlook data file, you can see the summery of restored information as shown in below figure.

Repair Outlook 2010 Data File - Recovered Data

Fig 3: Recovered Data

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